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Inspired in the first days of Covid-19 Lockdown, Transition introduced this weekly drop-in Zoom session to help community, confidence and communication for individuals stranded from their usual work environment. All at no cost.

Usually led by Karen Turton, this is a 30-minute online interactive dial-in for an online interactive session that features a selection of the models and ideas that Transition offers; it provides the chance of learning something, engaging with others – and a bit of laughter.

Time & Date

Every Friday 10am
30 Minutes


£ Free

Perfect for

Anyone looking to improve and gain an understanding of their soft skills and to join a like-minded Transition community

What Hangout delivers

+ Understanding how soft skills shape management success

+ Learn simple, effective techniques, to improve communications

+ Insight to emotional intelligence

+ Lessons from the experience of the Transition team

+ Hear from leaders in the field of development and coaching

+ Be part of the Transition tribe



Hangout dates

HANGOUT is FREE and is every Friday & hosted on Zoom.
We start at 10am, and the hangout last for 30 minutes.

Just 30 minutes that Shakoor Ahmed, MD of myLahore, described as “30 minutes that has changed how he and his team think”.

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