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MSL Programme

MSL Programme

MSLP is our premium open course – taking GMs and turning them into high-performing regional managers with the skills to lead, to motivate a team and to achieve outstanding business success.
Date: 08/09/2021
Time: 10:00 am
Duration: 2 days
Location: Middle Aston House, Bicester, Oxon. OX25 5PT

Transition Multi-Site Leadership programme will take YOUR high performing GMs and add the behaviours and talents needed to be a successful Multi-Site Leader.

It is specifically designed to help successful unit managers become effective multi-site leaders. This is a promotion that is often fraught with challenges, which, with the MSLP can be confidently overcome.

The programme involves four hi-impact modules – each of which is 36-hour residential complemented by self-teaching, reflection and guidance from our coaching team. Accommodation costs and all learning materials are included in the cost.

  • Areas that delegates will cover include:-
  • Understanding the differences
  • Time management
  • The Geographic challenge
  • Process & Passion – the strategic combination Achieving your goals through others Management V Leadership
  • The mechanics of communication
  • Managing expectations – Up & Down Investing in your people
  • Effective meetings – One-to-One & team What does success look like?

The Modules

Module One
Understanding the role. Time management. Resilience.

Module Two
Leadership styles. Balanced relationships. Vision and values.

Module Three
Effective communication. Influencing and recognition. Personal brand.

Module Four
Confidence and leadership. Taking people with you.

Graduates of this programme will gain the leadership and team skills to overlay their technical retail expertise. It will equip them to guide and support multi-site businesses, and particularly to manage the challenges of now being remote from their sites – ie. hands-off management.

Individuals will become more confident in their new roles and will learn about managing upwards and sideways. They will understand delegation, motivation and team building.

Internal development will underpin the business ethos of promotion from within and help protect companies from recruitment uncertainty and associated agency fees.

Transition candidates will be from different companies and distinct business styles. They will benefit from cross learning and the whole industry will profit from investing candidates and expertise in this programme.

To download the MSLP details please click the link below and to requests the full programme just click here – and go here to make a booking.