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The WORKBOOK is your insight and ‘bible’ on the topics covered in the first six sessions of HANGOUT – with tips, advice and tools to ensure you really do become, and stay, a BETTER you.


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Transition equips the best GMs make the transfer to multi-site manager a successful one. Promoting team skills, providing structure and instilling confidence.

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A clear pathway from
GM to Area Manager

This is a step change, not just a curve to greater responsibility, for ambitious and skilful unit managers.

The Multi-Site Leaders Programme [MSLP] provides the insight and understanding for a new multi-site leader to expand and deliver on their own retail skills, and to learn how to support their various teams in delivering commercial success.

The programme involves four impact modules – each of which is 36-hour residential complemented by self-teaching, reflection and guidance from an independent mentor. Accommodation costs and all learning materials are included in the cost.

A stand-alone one day ‘Gateway to Transition’ seminar serves either as an introduction to the MSLP, as a taster for those contemplating the full programme in the future or for head office team members with multi-site responsibilities.


What Transition delivers…

Graduates of this programme will gain the leadership and team skills to overlay their technical retail expertise. It will equip them to guide and support multi-site businesses, and particularly to manage the challenges of now being remote from their sites – ie. hands-off management.

Individuals will become more confident in their new roles and will learn about managing upwards and sideways. They will understand delegation, motivation and team building.

Internal development will underpin the business ethos of promotion from within and help protect companies from recruitment uncertainty and associated agency fees.

Transition candidates will be from different companies and distinct business styles. They will benefit from cross learning and the whole industry will profit from investing candidates and expertise in this programme.

The Transition courses

Unlike other training prgrammes – the Multi-Site Leaders Programme is led by people who have been in your shoes. They have made the transition to multi-unit manager and seen the pitfalls and opportunities. They have gone on to excel and the leap to Area Manager has been the kick start of their career – let TransitionAMP be the kick start to your career

The tuition is led by highly respected industry trainers, Karen Turton, formerly Ops Director at Turtle Bay and David Pepper, a well regarded operational professionals and now the MD of Leading Impact Co.

The course is at Middle Aston House, a venue which will enable your candidate to immerse themselves in their development. The fee includes four 2-day modules all tuition, coaching, materials and accommodation are included.

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Date: 16/06/20
Time: 10:00 – 12:30
Cost: £68 +vat
Online Workshop
Workbook Included



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Online Workshop
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Multi-Site Leaders

Includes Gateways
Four 2-day modules
Residential tuition
Coaching feedback


Gateway to

Intro to full programme
Standalone seminar
Suitable for HQ managers
Coaching feedback
Industry specific

from £149

“We have contributed to the creation of Transition because we understand the different skills and insights that distinguish area mangers from unit GMs and we want to be able to help our own people develop within the company; this will be a fundamental cornerstone for our managers stepping into area roles.”

Peter Borg-Neal
CEO of Oakman Inns & Restaurants.

Multi-Site Leaders Programme

This content is supported by relevant subject matter at each of the workgroup sessions which is delivered in a style and environment where delegates benefit from experiential learning. The learning is interactive and supported by the coaching team throughout the programme. The Multi-Site Leaders Programme will ensure that individuals moving to this important level of management have the skills, competencies and most importantly the leadership behaviours to support and leverage the performance of their customer-facing teams.

The Venue

Middle Aston House
Middle Aston, Bicester. OX25 5PT

2021 Dates

Module One
Wed 08 –
Thu 09, Sep

Module Two
Tue 12 –
Wed 13, Oct

Module Three
Wed 13 –
Thu 14, Oct

Module Four
Tue 02 –
Wed 03, Nov


Including all accommodation, tuition fees, materials and support.

£3,495 per candidate

£3,370 per candidate

If booked within seven days of Gateway being taken.

What it delivers

Module One
Understanding the role. Time management. Resilience.

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  1. The role of an Area Manager?
  2. Managing ‘Self’ – Changing the mindset – how to change perspective & develop new behaviours
  3. Creating credibility in the role – resilience. Embrace the new, discard the old.
  4. Time management – prioritisation & task management
  5. Dealing with multiple inputs & outputs
  6. Achieving your goals through others – recognition of worth and effort.
  7. A strategic approach – clarity of vision

Module Two
Leadership styles. Balanced relationships. Vision and values.

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  1. The shadow cast by a Leader – different management styles
  2. Thriving – not just surviving, the humility dimension.
  3. Leading under pressure
  4. Teams are made up of individuals – focus on them.
  5. It’s a two way deal – what do you want from your unit managers?
  6. The Emotional Balance Scales – ‘Key Elements’ that create the balance between leaders & teams.
  7. Understanding team dynamics – ‘great teams have great leaders’.
  8. Purpose & Engagement through Vision
  9. Working towards the Vision via agreed objectives

Module Three
Effective communication. Influencing and recognition. Personal brand.

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  1. Communication makes or breaks a relationship
  2. Managing expectations up & down. Being confident to say no!
  3. Resisting overload – managing the workload.
  4. Influencing via communication – Tell & Sell, Positive & Negative
  5. Look for Success – recognition is powerful and costs nothing
  6. Networking – creating empathy, finding your friends.
  7. Presenting ‘You’ – audience, preparation & structure, knowledge & confidence

Module Four
Confidence and leadership. Taking people with you.

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  1. Change – Taking the individuals and teams with you. Communication.
  2. Creation of confidence
  3. Planning, Process and Communication – preparation is the key for confidence
  4. Building your skills to deal with challenge – p&l, HR, marketing.
  5. Driving personal performance & creating aspiration.
  6. Recruitment & succession planning – of your most valuable asset. Best practice tools and profiling
  7. How to plan and run effective meetings – it’s your stage!
  8. What does success look like – and more importantly, what does it feel like?

We found Gateway very people focused.  The new approaches learnt on the day are not only good for individual development but they will naturally extend to have a very positive impact on their teams.   I would certainly recommend this course for all levels of management.”

Dustin Acton
COO. Flight Club / Red-Engine

The Gateway Seminar

This seminar facilitates the very difficult first stages of the progression from a single site operator to that of multi-site management. Whilst there are many excellent single-site operators within Hospitality, the skill sets and competencies required for multi-site management are very different. Gateway has been assembled with a very real understanding of the key elements that have to be considered for great multi-site management – Planning / Process / Knowledge / Behaviour

The Venue


2020 Dates

11 February –


Seminar Two
05 March –


Seminar Three
Dates TBC
Due to Covid-19


Including venue costs, tuition, materials and support

£149 per candidate
Some T&C’s apply

What it delivers

  • Understanding the differences between single site & multisite management
  • Time management – prioritisation & task management
  • The Geographic challenge – Meaningful actions one place at a time
  • Process & Passion – the strategic combination
  • Achieving your Goals through others – the creation of Purpose
  • Management / Leadership – different styles for different situations
  • The mechanics of Communication – Including clarity of the Vision
  • Managing expectations – Up & Down / During periods of change
  • Investing in your people – Including Challenge & Recognition
  • Effective meetings – One-to-One & team
  • What does success look like?

“Transition is a very welcome programme that will help bridge the considerable gap between unit manager and multi-site manager and make sure that the industry can genuinely offer a career ‘from the bar to the boardroom’. Beds & Bars have been looking for this for some time and I hope we can all make it succeed.”

Keith Knowles, OBE, FBII
Chief Executive Beds & Bars

Transition HANGOUT

We are no longer about managing the business but supporting our managers, our team and even their families. We will help them understand and deploy soft skills – to project those they already have and find new ones.

Led by Karen Turton, our Performance Coach, a 30-minute call to provide an online hosted and interactive session that will provide clarity of thought and the opportunity to help them find a clear path to navigate through and take their teams with them.

When are the HANGOUT sessions – every Friday….

Session 17

Friday 24 July


Session 18

Friday 31 July


Session 19

Friday 7 August


Created and delivered by operators for operators

    • We are ALL from the sector
    • As a business, our PURPOSE has always been to help GMs become multi-site leaders
    • We CREATED the Operations Managers Awards
    • Our coaches are SUCCESSFUL OPERATORS in their own right – they absolutely “walk the walk and talk the talk(!)”

FREE for anyone in a team manager position and above.

Make a Booking

Please email or call with your candidate details and our team will take care of the rest. You can pay by credit card or be invoiced with all invoices needing to be settled prior to your candidate attending Gateway or the Area Manager Programme. Please contact for multiple bookings and/or company specific programmes.

07831 778 993

The Team

Our exerienced team have a wealth of training, industry and management experience that they will be sharing with you – making your transition from single site manager to multi-unit leader a successful one for your, your team, your units and your business.

Nick Bish

Nick, with Jason, founded the busines. He identified the vast need for the Area Manager Programme (AMP) and set about creating the AMP and Gateway seminars.

Jason Wollington

Jason, alongside Nick, is one of the founders of Transition AMP and brings a wealth of event management, marketing and sector experience to the team.

Karen Turton

Learning & Performance Director
Karen’s life, as a hugely successful OD, ensure those who come through AMP or Gateway benefit from coaching which is relevant and in-tune with today’s hospitality businesses.